Kia Original Selection | Certified Used Cars from Kia South Africa

Kia Original Selection Demo Vehicles

A demo car is an almost new vehicle at an almost used car’s price.  It is excellent value for money because you get exceptional value with the added benefit of the balance of a 5 year manufacturer warranty.  This means that you will lose less when you trade in your vehicle at a later stage.  Demo vehicles are usually under six months old and any issues with the vehicle will have been attended to by the dealer.  Demo's are possibly one of the best options a buyer can look for.  The Kia Original Selection brand ensures you of quality, reliability, safety and certified used cars for sale.  Every measure is put in place to give you peace of mind motoring in safe and reliable Kia Original Selection cars for sale. 

Please talk to your sales advisor for more details on the Kia Original guarantees.
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